University nearly over

I can’t believe how quick three years at university has went by, it just flew by. Although over time I have gain many valuable new skills, friends and the potential to do collaboration work in the future.

At the moment of time I am trying to get all my assignments that I have yet to complete as of yet. Lucky for me my main project is completed and submitted so that is the main objective done.

The other two assignments I only have a few things to add to and they are then ready to hand in. One being this website itself, which I need to add more images, videos and my showreels too.

The other assignment is to create a short animation that ranges from 30 seconds to 2 minutes long, due to the limited time frame I decided to make an animation less than a minute long. The plot of my animation short is about an owl and his hilarious interactions with a mirror. As most know birds don’t understand that the other bird they see in front of them is actually their reflection. The animation part is completed, all I have left to add is the sound and music, which is being written and composed by my older brother who is a professional musician.


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