New site

Currently in my spare time I have been working on a new site that will be dedicated to my traditional artwork service. Here individuals can approach me for traditional painting commissions, although you can still contact me through this website too.

So far so good I am nearly done with the site, I just have a few extra details to type up when I have an extra moment and it be finished. I also planning on creating a new painting to use as my banner for the site, which will be done really soon.

Along time ago before I got into animation I was an avid painter in fact I grew up with it, (see my About page for more details) and that it would be shame not to offer my skills in this department too.

Although quite a lot of the time many animators, illustrators, designers etc. do start off in the traditional art field as that is where we learn the basics and fundamentals. Many do advise to have books or other sources to keep you drawing skills up to date in whichever field you work in.

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