New web series! “Basil the Dog”

For the past two and half weeks in my spare time, I have been working on the first episode of my new and upcoming web series called “Basil the dog”. In this series my dog character from a previous work (Curiosity) will be the main character.

The main genre of this series will be comedy as it will show Basil’s daily activities from events to interactions will different characters. The ideas are endless as I can incorporate different art styles or even do parodies.

For this first episode my Owl character from another of my previous animation (“Whoo are you?”) will also make an appearance.

A brief of what will happen in this short is basically Basil is shown sniffing by a tree in a field/park. He then hears a hoot sound and looks around until he spots the owl in the tree. They then exchange their responses back and forth with Basil barking and the owl hooting. However to make it funny the barking sound that Basil makes sounds like who? and so does the owl’s hooting.

This was an idea from ages ago and I thought this would be perfect for the first episode.

At the moment of time I have over half of the animation done, all the shots that include the owl character are completed. I just have Basil left to animate and I then need to add the sound and music.

Here is some screenshots from the animation:

Basil the dog title  Basil the dog shot6.2

Basil the dog shot17

I will update again soon, once I have made more progress! 😀

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