Top 10 Miiverse artworks videos in the works

Back in November I made a post on here about me drawing Pokemon on Nintendo’s Miiverse network.

My popularity of my artwork on there has really grown since then. I now have more than 300 followers,  which is still growing day by day.

I have even started tutorial series every Sunday on there on how to draw on Miiverse, which also seems to get great feedback.

What I want to do now is create two top 10 videos that will be uploaded to my YouTube channel. It has been pretty tough on deciding which ones will make it, although I have been using the amount of popularity each one gets as a reference.

*Update* I will have one Top 15 video and one Top 10 video.

So far the storyboard is completed, because it was pretty straightforward on what I want to do.

I am hoping to get them uploaded to my YouTube channel in the next few weeks.


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