Miiverse follower base hits over 500!

Back in November I made a post about doing Pokemon drawings on Nintendo’s Miiverse service. Just a few days ago I have now have over 500 followers, this is due to me still continuing in creating these artworks.

I now have 115 artworks on there and here are some of the most recent and popular ones:

113. Mewtwo_1  112. Dusknoir_2

111. Cherrim_1  110. Jirachi_1

108. Zygarde 50% Forme_1  100. Darkrai_2

95. Mega Charizard X_1  94. Vulpix_1

88. Mega Diancie_1  87. Lugia_2

86. Genesect_1  83. Reshiram_1

80. Mega Rayquaza_1  67. Mega Mewtwo Y_1