New RedBubble store is now open

About a week ago I decided to open another online shop that is quite similar to Teepublic, which is RedBubble.

One advantage that RedBubble does have over Teepublic is that it has a larger selection of things that I can put my designs onto. This includes other types of apparel like graphic t-shirts and dresses, pillows, duvets, wall clocks and scarves etc. Due to this I could technically make a design only for wall clocks or scarves.

Here is a link to my new store on RedBubble:

Over the last few days I have made some new changes to my home page and also uploaded a new t-shirt design of a fire dragon and is also now on both of my online stores.

Here is my new fire dragon t-shirt design.


For a detailed description about this piece check it out in my gallery page. 🙂