Strelitzia Dragon

This was my submission for the Create Art History challenge hosted by both RedBubble and the State Library Victoria in Australia. Which is of a dragon and flower hybrid fantasy creature.

All entries needed to be submitted by  29th October at 16.59pm, luckily I finished mine yesterday. 🙂

Also after completing your art you need to add it to both your RedBubble store and Instagram with the correct hashtags in order to enter.

Before I even started my piece I needed to choose from three different themes and their collection of art pieces associated with them to act as inspiration. The three themes were Magic, Weird & Wonderful Creatures and Botanical.

My piece was inspired by the combination of the ‘Dragon’ (Peter van der Aa) from the Weird & Wonderful Creatures collection and the ‘Strelitzia’ (William Curtis) from the Botanical collection respectively.

It would be cool If I could win, but we will see. Also check out my RedBubble store if you’re interested in purchasing this or my other products. 🙂