Business Promo Animation *Update*

So last week I have finally completed the concept art for this new business promo animation project that I am working on in my spare time.

The next stage and what I have been working on since then is the final storyboard. I had to make some make minor changes to the original draft version that I made at the beginning of this project. Mainly to new ideas on how I can approach each section of the animation.

So far I have completed the rough version and I now know how I want everything to be placed (angles, description, actions etc) in preparation for the final version.

After this stage is done I will need to make an animatic (animated storyboard) to get the timing correctly. I would also like to add there will be no sound effects just background music in the overall final animation. It will just be an animation of visual effects and me showing off my skills. 🙂

On a final note I may upload my concept art and storyboard once the animatic is completed.