Ian is an animator based in Southampton, Hampshire, United Kingdom who specializes in 2D animation and illustration. His art ranges from Western to Japanese styles (anime), by which the latter has made a big influence in his work into what it has become over the years and to the present day. Other services that he offers are storyboarding and graphic/logo design.

As an independent animator he has eight years of experience in Adobe Flash, along with experience in After Effects, Photoshop and Illustrator too. He graduated from the University of West London with a Bachelor of Arts degree in digital animation.

Due to his experience he is well versed in each process of the production in order to create an original piece. This ranges from script writing, storyboarding, character design, background design, concept, illustration, animation and editing etc.

He uses animation as a way to express his ideas and stories into a visual form. Since a young age he has always shown an interest in art such as traditional drawing or painting subjects including characters from his favourite cartoons, anime, animals and landscapes.

Ian is a perfectionist into the amount of detail, planning and scheduling that he puts into his work in order to achieve his goal. Who is also skilled in a number of mediums of art and is always willing to experiment new ideas.

Who is also trustworthy and easily approachable individual due to his friendly personality, and is a good team player. He is also shows the willing to help others with their needs and problems.

During the three years of his time spent at university he was a student representative of his course group. Whose responsibilities included managing the news feed on his animation group on Facebook; help/advise his fellow peers, a spokesman between students and lecturers in order to discuss issues or problems. He also successfully negotiated with the head lecturer of the Ealing School of Art, Design and Media department, in order to purchase a 3D printer, this opened up a new path of learning on understanding how to process worked and another way for students to display their 3D models.

If you would like to discuss further details on a potential project please feel free to contact me.