Original Short

Have an idea for an original story and need some help, ask no further.

With my years of experience in directing and managing animations such as script writing, storyboarding, design, animation and editing. I will be able to bring your idea to reality.

The quality of the animation really depends if you want limited or high quality animation.
For limited it is basically simple movements, whilst high quality animation has more of a smother flow (frame by frame), detailed and will take that much longer than limited to produce.

Explainer & Promotional Animation

The main concern that many businesses suffer from is how to present themselves to their targeted customer base.

Their site needs to clearly state what products or services they supply without being too text heavy which could result in putting off any potential customers for instance placing an order or fail to gain interest.

With animation however this can easily solve complicating ideas and get straight to the point of what your business is about. This is done by using moving images, graphics and typography.

If you have a script already at hand we can work from that. If not I can assist with the script writing and storyboarding.

Music Video

A mix media video involving a combination of animation, graphics and typography in order promote and market a selected music piece from a band/group.
There are a wide range of possibilities on how the final video will play out.

The video will be created using Flash, Photoshop and After Effects.

What makes each video different includes the following:

  • Art style
  • Type of Animation (2D, 2.5D, realistic, limited, stick figure etc)
  • Graphics (Could replace a word with an image with the same meaning)
  • Typography (Animated text)
  • Theme
  • Genre
  • Colours

You could technically have the all the lyrics appear as typography throughout the video or maybe even a short story told instead.