Welcome to my animation page, here you can view all the  original short animations, explainer animations and music videos. These are whether for personal, collaboration projects or clients.

Top 10 Legendary Pokemon Miiverse Artworks

This is a video of my top 10 legendary Pokemon Miiverse Artworks to date.



Top 15 Pokemon Miiverse Artworks

A top 15 video of my best Pokemon Miiverse Artworks to date.



Animated Logo Version 1

An opening sequence featuring my logo, this will be added at the start my animations.



2D Animation Showreel 2014

My 2D Animation Showreel featuring all the animations I made whilst at university.



3D Animation Showreel 2014

My 3D Animation Showreel contains all the animations I made whilst at university.



Whoo Are You?

An animation about an owl and his funny interactions with a mirror.



One’s Fate

My final project at my university, this animation covers the first part of the story.



Butterfly Short

This was for a real client whom is the founder of their company Director Dating.



Ident Animation

A collaboration project that I made with my friend for our group project at university.



Artistic Audio Beam Animation

A collaboration project of experimenting with different sound effects that are each.




The story is about life a dog who protects a seed from all seasons weather.