3D Animation Showreel 2014

Date: 11th May 2014
Skills: 3D Animation, Maya, Photoshop
Music: No Peace, by Adam Flanagan.
Link to Adam’s Portfolio: http://adamflanagan.co.uk/

My 3D Animation Showreel contains all the animations that I made for assignments at my university over the last three years. I maybe a 2D animator, but I do have some experience in 3D animation as well. Willing to experiment mixing both 2D and 3D animation together.

Below is a short summary of each animation title in order of appearance:

  • Blake (2013) 3D Model
  • Ident Animation (2013) Collaboration
  • Temple Ruins (2013) 3D Model
  • One’s Fate (2014) 3D Archway test
  • One’s Fate (2014) 3D Grandfather clock test