New Portfolio Banner

So I decided that it is about time that I make a new portfolio banner since I did needed to make one especially now having a new logo. For the background scene I decided to use the art style that I have used in my concept art for my new business promo animation. So this kind of a sneak preview in a way. 🙂

Here is what the new banner looks like, of course you can also look above too. 🙂


Business Promo Animation *Update*

So last week I have finally completed the concept art for this new business promo animation project that I am working on in my spare time.

The next stage and what I have been working on since then is the final storyboard. I had to make some make minor changes to the original draft version that I made at the beginning of this project. Mainly to new ideas on how I can approach each section of the animation.

So far I have completed the rough version and I now know how I want everything to be placed (angles, description, actions etc) in preparation for the final version.

After this stage is done I will need to make an animatic (animated storyboard) to get the timing correctly. I would also like to add there will be no sound effects just background music in the overall final animation. It will just be an animation of visual effects and me showing off my skills. 🙂

On a final note I may upload my concept art and storyboard once the animatic is completed.

Gothic Creatures Design

In my spare time I have made a set of four different mythological creatures with a Gothic tattoo art style. These are as follows Dragon, Leviathan, Minotaur and Unicorn.

Here is an example of my Gothic Dragon design and in two different colour schemes.

Check out the rest of the designs by going through the digital gallery section.

All the designs will be added to my online stores.

Frog Ornament Facelift

So for the past nine days in my spare time across many evenings I have been working on repainting an old frog ornament using acrylic paints. I mainly did this for fun and it also needed a facelift anyways.

So here is a comparison image to show what it originally looked like, the undercoat and finally the end result.

In the second image shows the end result from four different angles.

The colour scheme is based off the leaf green tree frog. So overall I am quite happy on the final result. 😀


New Business Logo v4!

So for some time I have been thinking that I really need to update my pre-existing logo with a new design.

So here it is!

I decided to revamp the previous logo with a new simpler design, plus I was able to reduce the number of individual shapes down to five only. The logo is now facing a three-quarter view and it uses a similar colour scheme from the previous design too. This will also make it easier to animate too. My other name (Ian2Danim) is still present but I made it more bigger so it is easier to see.

Aria the Fairy Acrylic painting

I also done another acrylic painting before Christmas last year and it is of a chibi fairy named Aria. She is based on my brothers and his girlfriend baby girl who is also named Aria too. Originally I done this as a Christmas present my brothers girlfriend.

I am actually thinking of making series of fairy’s with this own element in the future, so I am looking forward to working on that. 🙂