New Business Logo v4!

So for some time I have been thinking that I really need to update my pre-existing logo with a new design.

So here it is!

I decided to revamp the previous logo with a new simpler design, plus I was able to reduce the number of individual shapes down to five only. The logo is now facing a three-quarter view and it uses a similar colour scheme from the previous design too. This will also make it easier to animate too. My other name (Ian2Danim) is still present but I made it more bigger so it is easier to see.


Cherese’s Pegasus

My recent fantasy art acrylic painting of a Pegasus, I done this as a birthday present for my brothers girlfriend.


Aria the Fairy Acrylic painting

I also done another acrylic painting before Christmas last year and it is of a chibi fairy named Aria. She is based on my brothers and his girlfriend baby girl who is also named Aria too. Originally I done this as a Christmas present my brothers girlfriend.

I am actually thinking of making series of fairy’s with this own element in the future, so I am looking forward to working on that. 🙂

New Business Promo Animation in the works

So for the past few weeks I have been working on a new project which is an mixed-media animation that shows off my skills and experience. The length of the animation will be between one to two minutes long.

It will be quite ambitious as I have planned that each section of the animation will use a different art style rather than a single style throughout the whole piece.

I will be using a combination of different software such as Flash, Photoshop, illustrator, After Effects and Premiere Pro in order to put the animation together.

At this moment of time I have completed the planning, draft artwork and draft storyboard. The next stage is the concept art and final storyboard.

I’m hoping I can get this project done by the end of September so we will see. So yes it will be quite a fun and experimental project and if it goes well I may decide to make a new one each year.

Phoebe the Chihuahua Christmas Present

I finally have a decent photo of an acrylic painting that I did for a Christmas present last year.  It is a painting of the newest member of my sisters family a Chihuahua named Phoebe.

My next painting that I am planning into doing in my spare time is of my cocker spaniel named Basil. I did do one of him a couple of years ago, but I would like to do one in my updated style. 🙂

Christmas Pattern Series 1 (Part 2)

Finally my Christmas Pattern Series 1 is now completed!

Check out my RedBubble store to view all the various products these designs are available here:

Below are all fifteen different Christmas silhouettes shapes used, this include the following; Santa, Robin, Snowman, Gingerbread Man, Angel, Reindeer, Star 1/2/3, Snowflake 1/2/3, Candle, Bauble and Christmas Tree.

Here are some examples of the different layouts that I created using a combination of the silhouettes and previous Christmas patterns.

To view the rest of the designs and for a more detailed description check out its main page here

Christmas Pattern Series 1 (Part 1)

My latest designs are available online my RedBubble store now!





This is a Christmas theme set of twenty different checkered patterns divided into four main groups of colours which include blue, green and white. The shapes used across all designs are horizontal/vertical/diagonal lines, diamonds, stars, snowflakes and crosses.

This is part one of the series as I need to make over twenty different Christmas silhouette shapes that uses these patterns as their colouring. These include silhouettes of Santa, a snowman, reindeer, robin, gingerbread man, angel, Christmas tree, stars, snowflakes, bauble and many more.

Check out the link to this page to view the all twenty checkered patterns. 🙂