Miiverse Drawing – A new art medium learnt

For the past two months I have been doing Pokemon drawing posts on Nintendo’s Miiverse within the Pokemon Shuffle Community.

At first I didn’t think you would be able to do much with this simple drawing medium but to my surprise you can actually do quite a lot. In fact you can do any drawing style you want on the screen like pixel art, realistic, anime, cartoon etc.

That is part of the real challenge how much detail can one put into this because the approximate size of each completed image is 320 x 120. This size may vary because I draw on my Nintendo 3DS (Original).

Originally I was doing this for fun and I still am but I have been starting to get quite a following on there. New followers get added everyday now, I’m quite surprised how fast my followers base has grown. 😀

The one annoying thing I hate about Miiverse is that you can’t edit posts after posting (reminds me of Twitter), so I have to complete it in one go. :/

Below are 14 examples of these drawings, I had a really hard time picking out the best ones:

43. Mega Gardevoir_1  41. Ho-oh_1

40. Espeon_1  38. Groudon_1

37. Giratina_1  36. Flareon_1

33. Duskull_1  31. Umbreon_1

30. Sylveon_1  27. Dialga_1

26. Mega Absol_1  21. Latias_1

19. Regice_1  10. Delphox_1

Some of these I wanted to do them for myself and some are even requests too.

To this date I have done 43 drawings using this medium. 🙂

Sunbathing Dragon digital painting

As mentioned yesterday I will be posting this digital painting that I was working on today. I wanted to experiment with an art style that I haven’t used before. I am quite proud on how well it turned out. In fact I could use the same art style for a future animation project.

Titled: Sunbathing Dragon

Date: 06/11/14