Snowy Owls

Yesterday I completed my another illustration that this time involves a snowy scene featuring a couple of snowy owls, this uses the same art style as my previous macaw parrot design.

So far I am actually enjoying making these designs and would like to make another one at some point, I thinking I could maybe doing a peacock especially on how colourful they are.

I also need to add the white background is transparent as this will allow me to add any coloured background of my choosing. This holds true to when I will upload this design to my RedBubble store. 🙂

Quirky Phoebe

About ten days ago I completed another quirky pet painting which is of my sisters chihuahua named Phoebe.

The colours used for this painting was a mixture of light and dark pinks. The white paint is for the white areas of Phoebe’s fur and for highlights too.

This is also not the first time I have done a chihuahua in the this style but I feel this is even better than the previous one. 🙂

Macaw Parrots

Yesterday I completed my latest illustration design which involves a pair of different coloured macaw parrots sitting on a tree branch chilling in a jungle.

Overall I am quite on how well it turned out in the end in fact I would like to do other species of birds in this art style too in the future. 🙂

Also the white background itself is transparent so this design can have any different coloured background, especially once I upload this design to my RedBubble store. 🙂

Quirky Basil

A few weeks ago I completed another quirky pet painting but this time it is of my and my parents Cocker Spaniel named Basil. I actually did this as an wedding anniversary present for my parents.

The colours used for this painting was bright oranges and yellows, whilst I used orange for the background on order to make the dog stand out more rather than use yellow.

This is probably my favourite quirky pet painting that I have done to date so far. 🙂

Sealife Layouts

Today I finished my latest project that is an extension of my previous project “sealife stencils”. I wanted to reuse these designs because I didn’t want them to be a one off and I decided to make 12 additional layouts.

Below are all of the new designs and I will be adding these to my online RedBubble store as usual.