Basil the Dog Old and New Concept

Basil the dog old & new comparation 17/04/15

Date: 17th April 2015
Skills: design, Flash

I thought I’ll make an comparison between the old and new designs of my dog character from Basil the Dog project.

On the new design (Bottom) I decided to make it more simpler and more recognizable since Basil is the main character of my new series. He also has a collar now as before he didn’t have, which quite honestly I don’t know why I didn’t add it before on the old version of Basil (Top).

He has also got more shorter and somewhat fatter, because originally the character was based on my real dog who is a cocker spaniel named Basil.

The eyes has also changed if you noticed there is more of a define shape to the eye and has some brown added too.

I really do like the new design of Basil as to me he needed a facelift!