Chibi Dinosaurs Set 1

Date: 15th – 25th September 2018
Skills: design, Illustrator

The first set of three different designs of chibi dinosaurs which include a Tyrannosaurus, Brontosaurus and Triceratops. Each one includes two variations, one with text and one without. The caption is self-explanatory “I LOVE DINOSAURS” and are of course aimed at individuals who loves dinosaurs. The word love is swapped out with a dinosaur holding a heart instead.

The inspiration behind these designs is because one of my niece’s is having their third birthday next week and to the fact that she absolutely loves dinosaurs. These will be uploaded to my RedBubble shop and I will be buying a t-shirt with one of these designs as a birthday present for my niece. 🙂

As the title mentions this is the first set because I am thinking of making more chibi dinosaurs designs in this style in the future.

Here is a link to my RedBubble store: