Fire Dragon T-Shirt Design



Date: 27th – 31st January 2017
Skills: design, Illustrator

A few months ago I started a online t-shirt shop with Teepublic, by which I can upload any of my art to earn commissions on whenever a customer buys it.

But now I have another online store with the site RedBubble. This site is the same as Teepublic however I have a wider range of options to sell my designs on, such as clocks, pillows, duvets, scarves, bags etc.

Here is a link to my RedBubble store:

My designs range from the following; Fantasy, Landscape, Animals and Anime (Chibi).

This time I have created a dragon which is made up of flames, hence the title of my design ‘fire dragon’. The main colour scheme of my design is red, but I also have two other colours that can be chosen instead such as green or blue.

The design itself is split into two layers; the top layer is the dragon and the bottom layer is flames.

Whenever I get a spare moment I will be uploading more designs in the future.