Sea Pirates Concept

Capt Crab (Sea Pirate) 17/10/14    Mystic Jelly (Sea Pirate) 17/10/14

Sombro Shrimp (Sea Pirate) 18/10/14   Accad Starfish (Sea Pirate) 21/10/14

Druwart Turtle (Sea Pirate) 22/10/14   Artian Manta (Sea Pirate) 24/10/14

Ambil Octo (Sea Pirate) 25/10/14

Date: 17th – 25th October 2014
Skills: design, Flash

These are all the concept art for the sea creature characters that will appear in an collaboration animation project.  I am unsure when the project will carry on as the other members of the group are busy at this moment of time.