Sealife Layouts

Date: 16th April – 2nd may 2019
Skills: design, Illustrator

A set of 12 different layouts involving my sealife stencil designs.

These include the following in addition to which sealife stencils designs are involved:

  1. Born to Fish (King Salmon)
  2. Catch & Cook (Yellowfin Tuna)
  3. Cool Fishing Bro (King Salmon)
  4. Eat Fish Sleep (King Salmon)
  5. I Love Seafood (Dungeness Crab, Lobster, Octopus and Squid)
  6. Shark Pro (Great White Shark)
  7. Why Buy It? When I Can Fish It! (Yellowfin Tuna)
  8. Sealife 1 (Blue Whale, Orca and Whale Shark)
  9. Sealife 2 (Seahorse x2 and Starfish x2)
  10. Sealife 3 (Dungeness Crab x2 and Lobster x2)
  11. Sealife 4 (Box Jellyfish x2 and Sea Turtle)
  12. Sealife 5 (Giant Manta Ray and Squid x2)

I decided to make these because after I finished the sealife stencil project I wanted to reuse the designs in other layouts or try other combinations. These designs include sayings and slogans related to fishing/food, new water shapes/patterns and multiple sealife stencils designs combined onto a single layout.

As usual these designs will be available on my RedBubble store.

Here is a link to my RedBubble store: