Snowy Owls

Date: 16th August – 9th September 2019
Skills: design, Illustrator

A snowy scene featuring a pair of snowy owls resting on a tree brunch and tree stump respectively.

The snowy owl species feather colour is mostly white but they have a variety of patterns, which involves black and grey highlights. This is quite evident because both the male and female genders reflect this. The less decorative one on the left is male, whilst the more decorative one on the right is female.

Compared to my previous design of Macaw Parrots that uses the same style, this design is less colourful due to being mostly white. So rather make both owls completely white I made the body and wings a slightly a tone down from white, but is mostly white but you can tell the difference still.

Also the white background behind everything is transparent and this will allow me to choose any colour background.

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