BelleRese Logo


date: 23rd November – 1st December 2016
skills: design, Photoshop and illustrator
Clients: bellerese

(I will add a link to their website once it is up and running)

My clients were two musicians that play as a flute and piano duo for hire. The types of services that they perform are either contemporary, classical or light music for all occasions.

My job was to create a brand new logo for this new business that they are starting up soon. The logo needed to be in the shape of a butterfly and also include key features of a flute and piano. Also the logo needed to be elegant/beautiful in style and have a colour scheme of blues and silver.

The idea behind the butterfly design was inspired from a species of butterfly called the silver-studded blue butterfly. Only the males have the bluish and silver colouring. This was a perfect match in what my clients wanted in regards of colouring and style.

The main body of the butterfly has certain key parts from a flute and the ends of the wings are shaped like piano keys. The piano keys then separate from the wings and then become the staff for the musical notes to sit on. In a way you can say that the music is creating this butterfly shape.

Finally I have included the two main initials of BelleRese which is B and R, this represents the two musicians.