Chibi Spirits


date: 17th – 18th November 2016
skills: design & Illustrator

Recently I decided to create an online t-shirt store with the website Teepublic

Link to my store:

So to start off with I decided to reuse my chibi logos from a previous project that I did early last year.

Originally I had six different characters and each one had a different colour scheme too. These were the following:

Chibi Alien (Blue), Chibi Ghost (Green), Chibi Skull (Orange), Chibi Fire (Red/Orange), Chibi Water (Light Blue) and finally Chibi Zap (Purple).

I then decided to create six different colour schemes per character and using the previous colours that each one originally used. I did make some edits to the originals and some colour changes in order to improve them. The end result allowed me to create thirty six different designs as you can see from above.