Pitch Punch Studios



date: 15th December – 21st December 2016, 4th January – 6th January 2017
skills: design, Photoshop and illustrator
Clients: pitch punch studios

My client was a professional musician that plays the guitar/bass and is also my older brother. Separate from his main business he has a freelance composing side business. The service that he provides is composition or productions of musical pieces from a variety of genres that include pop, heavy rock, acoustic and classical.

My job was to create a new logo for this side business. The logo needed an art style that is cartoonish (slightly) and have some impact. The text style for Pitch, Punch and Studios needed to be big, bold and slightly curvy writing. The colour scheme chosen was black, light blue and white.

Another part of what the logo needed in between the words pitch and punch is some piano keys in a shape of a fist and include some musical notes on either side of it. Also it needed to have a explosion effect behind both the fist and musical notes.

For the explosion effect I have used sound waves that shares a relation to the different levels of pitch from lowest to highest in a music track. I found this the best way to keep all of the design behind the logo related to each other, rather than the alternative of having a random explosion effect that may make it stick out from the rest of the logo. You could say the fist is punching out high levels of pitch, hence the idea behind the relation.

Finally he needed two versions of the logo the top image is the main logo, whilst the bottom image is the same logo but without the text. Also the white colouring was only used on the white keys of the piano fist because the logo will be put on a white background so it needed to be kept to minimum.