Storyboard Design

A storyboard is the visual representation of a written script.

Your storyboard will be created in Photoshop. The first stage will be a draft and then the second stage will be the final version of the storyboard. Any edits can be made in the draft stage.

The information includes on the storyboard is as follows:

  • Shot type
  • Camera angles
  • Character action
  • Background Scene
  • Location
  • Sound
  • Music
  • Lighting
  • Etc.

Script Writing

Need a hand in writing an original script? Ask no further.

The stage that I always do before undertaking a new animation project is to type up the script.

The script will be written in Microsoft Word 2010.

The script will include various information like the characters, setting, location, time, actions, plot and many other things.

This can then be turned into a storyboard if you wish.