Christmas Pattern Series 1 (Part 2)

Finally my Christmas Pattern Series 1 is now completed!

Check out my RedBubble store to view all the various products these designs are available here:

Below are all fifteen different Christmas silhouettes shapes used, this include the following; Santa, Robin, Snowman, Gingerbread Man, Angel, Reindeer, Star 1/2/3, Snowflake 1/2/3, Candle, Bauble and Christmas Tree.

Here are some examples of the different layouts that I created using a combination of the silhouettes and previous Christmas patterns.

To view the rest of the designs and for a more detailed description check out its main page here

Christmas Pattern Series 1 (Part 1)

My latest designs are available online my RedBubble store now!





This is a Christmas theme set of twenty different checkered patterns divided into four main groups of colours which include blue, green and white. The shapes used across all designs are horizontal/vertical/diagonal lines, diamonds, stars, snowflakes and crosses.

This is part one of the series as I need to make over twenty different Christmas silhouette shapes that uses these patterns as their colouring. These include silhouettes of Santa, a snowman, reindeer, robin, gingerbread man, angel, Christmas tree, stars, snowflakes, bauble and many more.

Check out the link to this page to view the all twenty checkered patterns. 🙂

Strelitzia Dragon

This was my submission for the Create Art History challenge hosted by both RedBubble and the State Library Victoria in Australia. Which is of a dragon and flower hybrid fantasy creature.

All entries needed to be submitted by  29th October at 16.59pm, luckily I finished mine yesterday. 🙂

Also after completing your art you need to add it to both your RedBubble store and Instagram with the correct hashtags in order to enter.

Before I even started my piece I needed to choose from three different themes and their collection of art pieces associated with them to act as inspiration. The three themes were Magic, Weird & Wonderful Creatures and Botanical.

My piece was inspired by the combination of the ‘Dragon’ (Peter van der Aa) from the Weird & Wonderful Creatures collection and the ‘Strelitzia’ (William Curtis) from the Botanical collection respectively.

It would be cool If I could win, but we will see. Also check out my RedBubble store if you’re interested in purchasing this or my other products. 🙂

Chibi Cat Sisters

Today I have completed my latest design for both of my online stores RedBubble and Teepublie.

This time it is of a adorable and cute chibi cat. The target audience for this design is aimed at girls, namely sisters. 🙂



Next time I will be creating a chibi dog design which will be aimed at brothers.

Light Spirit’s Forest Digital Painting

Today I finally finished my newest digital painting titled ‘Light Spirit’s Forest’.

Originally I started this painting at beginning of November last year (2016). However I could only work on it when I had the spare time from work.

Luckily I had enough spare time today to complete it at last.

Anyways here is my newest digital painting. 🙂

The painting is of a light spirit sleeping in a dark forest and I am quite happy on how well it turned out in the end. 😀

For a more detailed description check out its page in my gallery section. 🙂