Pocket Dogs Set 1

I have finally completed my latest project which is titled pocket dogs which involves 12 different breeds of dogs each sitting in their own pockets.

These breeds of dogs include the following; Border Collie, British Bulldog, Chihuahua, Cocker Spaniel, Dalmatian, German Shepherd, Golden Retriever, Husky, Labrador, Pug, Springerdoodle and finally Whippet.

I am also thinking of at some point of making another set of 12 designs as their were other breeds of dogs that I wanted to make some designs for.

Finally as usual I will be adding these to my online RedBubble store. 🙂

Phoebe the Chihuahua Christmas Present

I finally have a decent photo of an acrylic painting that I did for a Christmas present last year.  It is a painting of the newest member of my sisters family a Chihuahua named Phoebe.

My next painting that I am planning into doing in my spare time is of my cocker spaniel named Basil. I did do one of him a couple of years ago, but I would like to do one in my updated style. 🙂

New Service Added! Quirky Pets Pop Art Paintings

I would like to introduce a new service that I am now doing in my traditional painting service section. This is titled ‘Quirky Pets’!  A colourful pop art of your pet/s!


The painting is made up by choosing 2-3 main colours. I then use white paint as a highlight and to also blend in with the main colours in order to give it more depth. Finally I use black paint for outlines and for larger dark areas.

For more info check out the service here 

“Basil the Dog” Update 3

I got the cue sheet done today so I can now proceed with getting the sound and music recorded before I can proceed with the next step. Then all there is left to do is to complete the last three shots, credits and then compiling it all together. 🙂

Here are more images of completed shots:

Basil the dog shot20  Basil the dog shot21