Explainer video – About me

At some point in the future I would like to create an explainer video about myself explaining what services I can provide.
It will be another way to represent my CV and skillset but in a visual and animated form.

This can be quite experimental and I am already brainstorming some ideas on what to include.
Like for example I could use assets of character animation or artworks that I have previously done.
I will also create different types of effects to be used in this video in order to demonstrate my skills.

Speaking about the voice over audio, it will either be played in the background or I will have it lip-synced to an avatar representation of myself to explain things.

So this will be quite a fun project to experiment with and it will have many benefits for doing it too. 🙂


New artwork showreel in the works

I’ve decided to make a new showreel which will include all my artwork from last year and this year.

This will include the following:

  • Traditional Artwork
  • Character Concept Art
  • Digital Artwork
  • Logo’s
  • Miiverse Pokemon drawings
  • Gif’s or their individual frames

Depending on my schedule I may release it next month or sometime in January. Because this will allow me to finish any other artwork that I want to include in this showreel. 🙂