Asha’s Autumn Splash

Date:  7th April – 4th August 2017

An acrylic painting of a whippet that I painted for a client, this is the first piece that is part of a duo of paintings that I done for them.

This painting was quite a challenge because the original photo that I worked from was originally quite dark. But with a bit of improvising and some necessary changes I was able to come up with this. By which I am quite happy with the final result.

I did have to do quite a lot of brightening up the background especially the trees in the distance, by which I enhanced their colours to be more colourful.

One big alteration that I did add to this painting is the hanging tree branch in the upper right corner that ends just above the dog. This was in fact not originally in the original photo but copied from another one of the client’s photos. The main reason I added this was because to fill in a dark area of the original photo that was quite dull and blurry.

The sun was also in the originally in the photo to which now serves a new purpose of shining through between the branches and colourful leaves.

Finally by having many different photos of the dog to serve as a reference did help me out immensely to accurately get the colour of the dog correct