Traditional Painting

Pet Portraits

A pet portrait to most is an inexpensive treasure of memories recorded of loved ones especially when they are part of the family, or is no longer with us.

Mostly I get asked to do paintings of dogs, but you can request any other types of pets such as cats, lizards, birds etc. The choice is yours and you can even request paintings of exotic animals such as tigers.

The first step that needs be done is to decide which photo that you would like me to work from. However it needs to be a high quality photo and have no colour problems such as white noise, which is colour that is misplaced and shouldn’t be there. Usually this is a bright fluorescent colour like white or blue. Also try to avoid any photos with infamous red eye problem.

I will also request up to 3-5 extra photos of your pet for reference, as this will allow me to capture your pets likeness and personality as accurate as possible.

You even have a choice on the overall layout of your painting, this includes the following:

  • Subject/s and background. (Will take more time to paint)
  • Subject/s only and single colour background. (Will take less time to paint)


Fancy a more fun, colourful and experimental approach for your pet/s painting? Then why not give this service a try!

Firstly choose 2-3 main colours, it can be any colours of your choosing. (Except for white and black)

Unlike the other services these paintings will be done on square canvases only.

Then by using white paint as the main highlight I will then blend it in with the main colours in order to add more depth.

Finally I use black paint for the outlines and for large parts of the pet such as darker areas or the eyes.

For backgrounds a single solid light or medium colour will need to be chosen from any of the main colours.

For poses of the pet ideally what works best for this art style is a photo of the front view of the pet, although you can request a side view too.

Fantasy art

The influence of what fantasy art has had on me since a young age has always inspired me because you can literally create anything that usually doesn’t exist into reality.

You could even experiment with an already existing place or building to transform them into a new shape or even add new parts or objects, basically the possibilities is endless.

This service is pretty much similar to what I do with my digital illustration (full colour) service however it is a physical acrylic painting instead.

  • I work in a number of art styles such as Western or Japanese styles, this can range from detailed, anime, chibi or realistic etc.
  • Choices of what the acrylic painting could be are landscapes, animals, characters, buildings, vehicles.
  • Any themes of your choosing such as fantasy, sci-fi, modern, nature etc.

Commissioning Details

  • All commissioned paintings are painted on stretched canvas or deep edge canvas, using acrylic paints.
  • The painting will wrap around the sides of the canvas, which allows the painting to be hanged with no frame.
  • The painting will also be sprayed with a matte finish in order to protect the paint underneath.
  • The average sizes that I work on are 12″ x 9″, 12″ x 12″, 14″ x 18″, 16″ x 20″, 18″ x 24″ and 20″ x 8″. You can request other sizes so do let me know when you contact me.
  • As mentioned above for the ‘Quirky Pets’ paintings, they can only be done on square shaped canvases.
  • Each commission is different so the price will vary according to the size and complexity of the piece. Turn-around time on average ranges from 3 to 10 weeks.